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  • Artist Info: Am Back and rocking Gaia cause i got more gold than i had when i lefted!!!<br />
    At least double the amoute!!!!<br />
    Am feeling great at school i keep hearing that a few guys like me (fancy me)<br />
    Geeee am so happy!!! its 3 boys Hee hee am sooo happy i never thought i would be that girl who had admires i thought am just a tomboy i guess am something more to the boys! >w< <br />
    But its not all so good theirs a girl i hate who's came to my school back in january god she's anoying she wears too much make up and when she wears skirts she pulls them up so high you can see the tights line.<br />
    my friend Stacey says " if she pulls that skirt any higher theirs no point in wearing a skirt" when stacey said that i laughed to hard the whole class hered me!<br />
    well am one for comidians i can tell ya that<br />
    thats meee!<br />
    <br />
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