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  • Artist Info: Heyyy . I'm a 15 year old in grade 10 . I'm not totally thrilled about it though. At this point in my life... Music is my life. I know all teens say that but it's pretty true. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WRITING. I mostly write poems and lyrics. I will be putting some up in the Arena, check em out sometime ! (: <br />
    My favorite bands are ,<br />
    Paramore<br />
    Envy on the Coast<br />
    My Chemical Romance<br />
    The Used<br />
    Owl City<br />
    Breaking Benjamin...<br />
    - Etc etc, I'm not gonna make a huge list of bands that I want people to know I listen to, I'm too lazy for that =P<br />
    <br />
    I play the saxophone (baritone) in my honor band, I've been playing for about 4 years. However, I'm giving it up to go into Graphic Designing and Photography. Computer art amazes me, and I think I can have a happy future doing something in that area. I'm a Canadian Native, literally. I'm Cree. I've taken 7 years of Sioux and 5 years of Mandarin, going into Advanced Chinese and Culture this year. (:<br />
    Im just all over the place sometimes. Haha ! There's a lot to me, and maybe I'll write more but not right now. <br />
    Add me up, I'm really friendly ! > biggrin
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