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    AyOO ; Whatt Uhp^.? Myy Name iiS Valeryy x3 ii qOt Pure DOminican BlOOd RUNNiiNq Thru Myy SExxy Veiin'z &amp; VeRy FuxKiinq PrOud O2 Be Dominicann ! ;] Aqe iiS NothiiNq mOre Then A Numberr So No Need O2 Know How Old ii Am , iiM The Real-ESt PersOn YUh'll Meet ! SO ; dOnt Waiist Yuhr Tiime Talkinnq Shiit AbOutt Mii ; Cuz i dONt LEtt Hatter'z &amp;- J-luse Bitch'z Gett O2 Mii .! ii Hatee --&gt; Fake'z ; Bittter'z &amp; Liiarr'z ! So iif Chur One1 gO O2 The Righht Of Chur Screen &amp; Cliick On The Biqq [X] &amp;- gO O2 HEll ! ; ii DOnt wanna Tell Chu everyThinnq AbOutt Mehh But iiF Yuh dOnt LiiKe Mii JUSt BY REaDiiNq Dis Shytt...qO suck A Diick ; O2 KNow mOre Hiit Mii UHP^.? &amp; Lett'z Talkk iim Niice Wen Chu Gett O2 knOw Mii .!
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