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    Water Angel--You are a very kind and caring lovable, quiet person, Youre also drinking water and swimming! You love the rain and have good friends that you can trust... you're proably curious about what lives underwater<br />
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    you have control over animals and nature aspects! you have many pets and you live in the middle of a lush forest with your boyfriend! you power is beautiful! you are graceful and unique, you love the world and would do anything to save it! Congrats! <br />
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    Your hidden quality is cunningness.<br />
    Blackmail, Bribing... You always get what you want because you can get it out of people. Your talent is that of taking what you want!<br />
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    You are a fox demon. You seem to fit alongside humans better than most of the others(besides dog demons). Mainly because of your calm and collected nature. You are also fairly wise and enjoy exploring.
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