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  • Artist Info: User Image Hey. Donations perhaps? But I'll love you even more if you give me some free arts Ü<br />
    <br />
    Been in gaia since 2009, but because of frequent hiatus due to uni<br />
    I JUST GRADUATED. *happy dance*<br />
    currently working.<br />
    <br />
    14th of December 2015: logged in after been in hiatus for a year (i think?), just to found out that zOMG is dead. I wanna quit gaia like my friends here but the memories were just too precious to quit totally. Also this f*ckin* inflation s*cks. Items that are 1000 before are now 1000000.<br />
    04th of January 2016: Start of semi-hiatus bec. of uni.<br />
    24th of March 2017: semi-returned to gaia bec. of the return of zOMG<br />
    9th of June 2017: omg omg omg im so bored w/ gaia User Image
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