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  • Artist Info: Hey~!<br />
    My Name is Wendy <br />
    I am 1_ years old<br />
    I love A day to remember,He is we, Nevershoutnever,Lana Del Rey, A Rocket to the moon , Panic at the disco,Parachute, Emblem3 , The script, and more(x<br />
    I love sloths <3, Unicorns, Rainbows<br />
    I can be really silly once you get to know me c:<br />
    Im 5'0 <----- Shorty v.v (thanks mom and dad QQ)<br />
    I like to watch anime and porn... I MEAN SPONGEBOB hahahaha..... (no i mean porn) jk jk<br />
    ANYWAYS want to know me better add me <3 and pm me I dont bite heart (sometimes)
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