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  • Artist Info: ok well i really black and all those dark colors (you can can me goth or emo i dont care that much)<br />
    i have these very loyal friends (there few but there great!!)<br />
    you can totaly count on them for anything.<br />
    <br />
    i'm that type of gurl that you can rely on most of the time (not when i'm pissed off)<br />
    since i'm goin to make this short let me just get to it.<br />
    i'm funny, honest, trustworthy ,blah, blah, blah. A vEry gOOd FRienD.<br />
    I WIll dO anything (not everything) for my friends safety and happiness ^-^, i'll risk my life if i HAve To. i mean were friends we do that stuff for each other right?<br />
    oh and.........O.o...............holy crap!!!!! this is gonna be on my profile!! i thought this wuz my journal!!<br />
    o well. <br />
    BYE die GO B3FOR3 I SHOVE your FACE IN pie!!!
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