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    ow Is ..very..very pretty... <br />
    Isn't it pretty? Don't You belive?" I believe, Yes I belive, I belive so very much..<br />
    <br />
    Well Hello there! <br />
    My Names Maria <3 <br />
    I'm not young, but not old C: Does it really matter?<br />
    I love to draw <3 <br />
    Art is my passion, my true love. <br />
    Weather or not I still have an imagination of a kid still or not, <br />
    Doesnt matter, I will forever draw <3 <br />
    Music is Insperation <3 <br />
    Friends and Family are close <3 <br />
    I hope some of you understand. <br />
    Taken By A Boy I loveee <br />
    Gaberial heart
    <br />
    O R G E E O U S<br />
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