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  • Artist Info: Hello there. You can call me Richard here, but if you are so daring, you can use my real name, Trevor. Many people claim to be normal and down to earth. I don't claim to be either. I'm as sane anyone in this world can claim to be and that is not very much at all. I will not brag that I am the smartest person in the world because I am not, but if you would like my insight or opinion please do not be afraid to ask. I call all whom I meet friend until the give me a reason to do otherwise. And if you do hold this title, then believe me that I will remain loyal to you and help you, again, till you give me a reason otherwise. Respect is one of my highest regards, so if you wish it, I ask only for it in return. I am as flawed as any other, so none of you think that any of you are below me because your are not, we are equals and that goes for the people that think they are my betters as well. <br />
    <br />
    This is me, and I can be no more and no less
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