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  • Artist Info: hey whats up<br />
    im corey ryan peirone<br />
    im 14 <br />
    i feel 16 tough lol<br />
    any way i love animals<br />
    i love music <br />
    i love my family sometimes<br />
    i love my friends no matter what<br />
    i love the rain<br />
    i love the noises in nature<br />
    i love anime<br />
    i love making things<br />
    i love being me<br />
    i love.....her lol XD<br />
    i hate loud things<br />
    i hate mosquitoes<br />
    i hate people who call me emo<br />
    i hate people who judge <br />
    i hate too much light<br />
    i hate tight spaces<br />
    i hate people who piss me off<br />
    i hate annoyances<br />
    i act like a kid<br />
    i act like a wolf<br />
    i act like a gentlemen<br />
    i act like a traveler<br />
    i act like me<br />
    i think too much<br />
    i think too hard<br />
    i think about life<br />
    i think about death<br />
    i think of you XD<br />
    <br />
    well my favorite animal is a wolf my bestfriends are my family (jake and danny) i would die for my girlfriend (beth) i would save their lives i wouldnt be able to choose if i could only save one of them<br />
    my pets are awsome because they reflect off me i dont like politics<br />
    i have 3 sibillings they are very annoying but i love them....want to kill them lol i skateboard i draw i write im in a band but we are having issues at the moment i play bass guitar drums keyboard and sing i know a lot right and i write the songs well im german italian russian 3 tribes of native american dutch polish irish greek lithowaynian mongolian and im not ashamed of a damned thing my ancestors did wait wtf im russian and german O.O damn what an awkwardness lol im a mut well thats me see ya around<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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