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    so yea about me well im a pretty kind person too kind if u ask anybody who really knos me i dnt like to stay mad for too long cuz u just end up hurting urself.......im totally in love with music i swear i will die if i dnt listen to music at least 4 times a day lol ^^(sad part is im serious lol) i like all kinds of music but perfer rock alternative hip hop regeton a bit of rap not much(basically i listen to a lil bit of everythin) im totally in love with Nickleback! they r freakin AWSOME!!!! BUT I'm head over heels for AVENGED SEVENFOLD!!!!!!......anywayz i do LOVE to dance my azz I love hittin the club with either my girls or my bf or both idk as long as im dancin idgaf lol...........hmmm wat else.....ummm....oh yea i also have a fb if ya wanna look me up jus make sure i kno who u r cuz if i dnt i will reject u lol(deres more pics of me more rensent pics)<br />
    ps love gay people most of them are cool,but fyi i am straight
    <br />
    <br />
    this is wat i really look like i kno i look concieded but im not..ok maybe just a little theres nothing rong with knowing that u look good lol
    <br />
    User Image<br />
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