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    Hi my name is Derrick<br />
    im 6.3 or 6.5 (its one of those)<br />
    Age:25<br />
    eye color: Brown<br />
    hair color: Brown<br />
    i tend to get jealous easily and bored easily <br />
    Likes: video game, movies, onlines games, ect<br />
    hobbies: playin video games, working hard, helpin others,makein new friends, ad listen to music<br />
    Music: I like all kinds as long as its good<br />
    Movies: I love horror movies
    <br />
    I love Anime my fav is case closed, chobit, chibi vampire, and some others idk there names<br />
    im a furry lover xD
    <br />
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