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  • Artist Info: Hi!!! And a warm Hrrrr to u all!!! Lol. So da basics about me!!!my name is Lavi, not really but I like it when people call me that. Lol. I live in Las Vegas with mer mom <br />
    dad and 2 cats... Allen and Kanda dont live with me anymore... WAAAAA!!! crying <br />
    But its true... Kanda is a soba-freak... Lol!!! <br />
    I love anime, music, ramen, sushi, the colors red and teal, DeadPool, and...( drumroll) pretty gurls!!!!! Lol!!! Jk!!! XD<br />
    But its true the old panda's always beating on me cuz I dont read my minimum of 15 flopping books a DAY!!! As a Bookman I have to do it... Lol... I hope the panda doesn't read this... Lol!!!<br />
    So hope u enjoy mer profile and I'll always except random friend requests cuz Im not anti-social like Kanda lol... eek Shit, he heard me... Anyways g2g XOXO <br />
    <br />
    Lavi Bookman Jr.~<br />
    <br />
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