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  • Artist Info: Hey peoples. this is my profile page. it's not quite done yet.<br />
    so....yeah. Ummmm......about me......I live in Australia. i was born in Melbourne, Australia.......I'm half Philippino. I lived in Japan for a year. So i can speak a little japanese. My eyes are dark brown and my hair is a mixture of blonde and brown. I'm very good with my hands. I play the piano and have been playing since i was 4 yrs old. I do karate. My first 2 favourite colours are light green and orange. I LOVE candy smile I love to draw and be adventurous. I absolutely love dragons and magic and believe in both. I have a pet budgerigar named Buddy. I used to have a lot of other pets in the past including turtles and hermit crabs. (they died unfortunately) I love manga and anime and i love playing zOMG! even if i'm not very good at it. Well that's all i could think of for now!!!<br />
    <br />
    (__/)<br />
    (=^,^) o(^-^)o<br />
    (>(" wink (" wink cute japanese thingy <br />
    bunny<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
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