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  • Artist Info: HI HOLA ALL B0UT MII -------------------------> im classy but wild my HATERZzzzzz make me famous Im the 1 and only no1 cAN clone me got lotz of haters and homiezz some friendz and some r phony!!!! i'm who i am i do wat makes me happy i live for me and me only i am happy for al that i am.............. "i am outspoken opinionated and determined.i want wat i want and there's nothing wrong with it so try to stomp on me,try to douse my inner flame,try to squash every once of beauty i hold within me u wont succeed!!!!!!!! and if it makes me a BITCH so b it...........i embrace the title and am proud to bear it to all thaa players out there dont play games with a girl that can play better i live it up and party hard bitches talk it i walk it to the haters if u hate me get thaa fuck of my page this is a yunq fly and classy bitch kk get it right ♥ If ♥ You♥ Really ♥ Love ♥ Someone ♥ Right ♥ Now ♥ And ♥ You ♥ Really ♥ Want ♥ To ♥ Be ♥ With ♥ Them ♥ Forever ♥ Put ♥ This ♥ On ♥ Your ♥♥ Page ♥♥ TRUE LOVE IS WHEN U SHED A TEAR AND STILL WANT HIM.ITS WHEN HE IGNORES U AND U STILL LOVE HIM.ITS WHEN HE LOVES ANOTHER BUT U STILL SMILE AND SAY IM HAPPY FOR U WHEN ALL U REALLY DO IS CRY...AND CRY SINGLE { ♥ } TAKEN { }but u are welcome to change that :} I AM WHO I AM I DONT NEED UR APPROVAL AINT NEEDED LOOK AT ME AND I WILL LOOK AT YA ...DONT ELL ME HUuNNY WHOS JEALOUS OF WHO !!!!! IM THE TYPED OF GIRL WHO CAN B HURT AND LO0K RIGHT AT U AND SMILE DONT TOUCH WAT U CANT AFFORD BABY BOY ............THE SHYT ABOUT ME COULD B TRUE BAT AGAIN AS FAKE AS THE B!TCH WHO TOLD U ...................TO THA PEOPLE WHO STAY B JUDGING MII THIS 4 U ...........UNLESS UVE LIVED MY LIFE,D0NT JUDGE ME CAUSE U DONT KNO,NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL KNO EVERY LIL THING AN D DETAIL BOUT ME ..........HATER AND STRANGERS LIKE LIL WAYNE SAID NIGGAZ KEEP MII NAME OUT UR MOUTH IF U DONT KNO ME<br />
    <br />
    95% of all teens would cry if Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) were on a 20 story building about to jump. The other 5% would Be looking up at her screaming "Jump b***h!" Copy and paste if your that 5% dream avi :User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image <br />
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