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  • Artist Info: Hellooo... Im random. Sometimes radnom. or randehm. hm. Im 16 now. Joined gaia when i was 13. I dance contemporary and learning other dance types. I plan to go to a performing arts college and audition to so you think you can dance. I draw some art styles. Like anime and realism. I have 3 dogs. I have a dog name Sasha thats 6 years old who had 11 puppies. We kept 2 of her puppies. 1 brown one named Toro and the other black runt named Emily. <br />
    <br />
    I cosplay like mad crazy. Constantly id be making cosplay but id never finish them because id feel like they look like crap. I go to conventions ever years i have not missed one since 2010. I do have personal issues but i deal with them by myself. I am a Lesbian and i plan on getting a sex change in a couple years. Maybe in the middle or begining of college. <br />
    <br />
    I love playing video games on the computer. My favorite is League of legends. I love being with my cousin and brother together. They make me laugh constantly and im happy they are there for me especially my cousin. She has helped me alot this year and im very greatful. <br />
    <br />
    This year i do plan on getting straight A's this year. I do have B's and higher in my grades at the moment and i hope to keep that going. I love the school i am currently enrolled in. The teachers have care and helped me more than any school i have ever been in. Kay :U Done with about me woop. woop.
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