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  • Artist Info: Account loved and cherisble on the excel of getting back: Kamika3<br />
    ^<br />
    ^Music: Rhianna, KC.....M(HAAHHAHA), Anime, Reagge, Hawaiian, lotsa ^other stuff. account? follow da arrow<br />
    Books: Anime, Donna Jo, books i guess, ><"<br />
    Youtube: Kamka14<br />
    Dolls: Pamo-chan, the one and only purple/gray elephant, Pooh, the lovable yellow bear, and Kamika, the brown bear,<br />
    Anime: Inuyasha, Naruto, Wedding peach, Sailor Moon, cyberteam of akihabara, to heart,elfen lied, CCS, Fullmetal panic, Fummoffu, The second raid, tons and tons too many ><" dizzy!!!
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