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  • Artist Info: Gaiaonline Profile Information<br />
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    Name: Takeshimo Yurisaki <br />
    Age:15<br />
    Philosophy:To be a loyal member of The SilverClaw Wolf Pack <br />
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    Personal Information:<br />
    In real life my name is Dion and when i got the idea of a character i always used to draw i decided Gaia was the bet place to let out my anime ego.<br />
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    Creator"s Information: <br />
    My Favorite anime shows are eureka seven,rurouni kenshin, balck cat, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and FLCL. my favorite color is green i have dredd locks in real life i draw on a high school level and most of my time here is spent in a 2 hour policy at most if theres nothing to do and im 15.<br />
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