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    Hey Hey How's Life?
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    This is your all access pass to getting to know me better. First of all, my name is _____. My address is _____. My age is _____. So ha, try and find me now. Stalker. My friends call me stupid (say what?), short, skinny, funny, weird, random, and cute.<br />
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    Self Description? <br />
    I'm not good at self-description. But I'm telling you I am very fine even before plastic surgery...not that I had one and of course I won't be needing one and THAT'S THE TRUTH!<br />
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    My Favorite Things<br />
    Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kitten...xD Seriuosly, it's a song from a movie if you don't get what I'm talking about. A few things I like are:<br />
    ♥ Music (K-Pop, J-Pop, Normal Pop, Rock, R&B...whatever that doesn't make my ears bleed.)<br />
    ♥ Anime (Naruto, DBZ, Bleach...I used to be obsessed with those. I still like them just not obsessed.)<br />
    ♥ Noodles (Kids love 'em biggrin )<br />
    ♥ Teddy Bears (Do I collect them? No.)<br />
    ♥ Cute Boys (THIS can be found on the "Favorite Things" list of ANY teenage girls. Guys...call me if you're hot ^0^ just kidding, you don't have my # anyway.)<br />
    ♥ Chocolate (Who cares if it make you fat or whatever. I just don't care. I love it.)<br />
    ♥ The Color Pink (You love it. You hate it. I love it.)
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    Things I Hate<br />
    Gasp! I'm a hater? Yeah well I have to hate something then the universe can be in balance. Things I dislike:<br />
    ◘ Math (It kills!)<br />
    ◘ H.W (Seven hours of school and now this?!)<br />
    ◘ When people yell at me (I get scared -_-)<br />
    ◘ When I'm lost in the mall without my cell phone (Kidnappers, they're everywhere.)<br />
    ◘ When I make mistakes (You would hate it too.)<br />
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    Personality<br />
    • Super Awesome: So why not be friends? biggrin C'mon I'm not a weirdo.<br />
    • Very Friendly : So talk to me. I won't insult you.<br />
    • Happy: I make anybody's day brighter. At least almost everybody said that.<br />
    • Random: If you're gonna my friend you'll have fun, no promises.<br />
    • Beautiful: Naturally baby. xd <br />
    • Too Proud: Is that good or bad...?<br />
    • Childish: You're never too old for teddy bears, right?<br />
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    My Goals<br />
    To Pass The SOL<br />
    • To Go To High School<br />
    • To Pass High School<br />
    • To Go To Colledge<br />
    • To Graduate College<br />
    • To Audition For SME And Beat Girls' Generation...I don't think it's possible, oh well. Have faith.<br />
    • To Be Rich & Famous...it's possible...hehe... -_-:::<br />
    • To Not Die Alone
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