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  • Artist Info: the reason why i chose the username ichigo, is because it mean strawberry, i also love animals, my two favorite animals are the snake and the fox. My hobbies are to annoy people i dont like, or my mom.. lol... i love reading manga and watching anime, especilly bleach and naruto, i love drawing anime and making poems... and i like any type of anime i can get my paws (hands) on, oh i also like hunting and fishing... i like to act wierd sometimes and funny.. i like to make friends, but dont like talking on a phone, even if im a girl... no offens to other girls... i love learning other languages, listening to rock in different languages, having fun.<br />
    [img]http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o71/shessyluvsrin/chibi_L.jpg[IMG]<br />
    name: Ikuto<br />
    likes: Strawberries, sweets, and nice people.<br />
    doen't like: Mean people.<br />
    owner: ichigo 1508<br />
    adopt me!
    <br />
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