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  • Artist Info: Ello. This ish dorky speaking. I love talking to my friends and just hanging out. I love most sports. the sports I play are track, swimming, volley ball, and soccer <33<br />
    Don't like me? well, feelings are mutual. (really, I could careless what people think.) You like me? I love ya back! <br />
    Don't ask me to ever donate, if i feel that you are ACTUALLY in need of money, you'll know hwen i send you a trade ((plus i need money to buy people x-mas gifts and so on.))<br />
    <br />
    I love <br />
    1.anime <br />
    2.most music. <br />
    3. Cookies<br />
    4.Gettin silly (or hyper)<br />
    5.Dancing around, busting random moves<br />
    6.awesome Kodak moments<br />
    7.weird people ~we're not weird, we're just diffrent~<br />
    I hate <br />
    1.fakes<br />
    2.ppl who call others 'noob' (without a reason, sometimes it slips out)<br />
    3.country music razz <br />
    4.annoying people.<br />
    5.beggars<br />
    6. people who hate others for no reason.<br />
    7.awkward moments...they kill Dx<br />
    8.people being nervous ~i can be nervous, you can't~<br />
    Oh and I already know I'm<br />
    |_88____88888__888___88__88888______88888__88888___88888| |888_____8888__888________8888______8888___88888___88888| |8888_____888__888_________888______888_____8888____8888| |88888____88___888__________888____888_______88______88_| |_88888________888___________888__888________88______88_| |_88888________88888888_______888888__________88_____88_| |___88888______88888888_______888888___________88____88_| |____88888_____88888888_______888888_____________88__88_| |____888888____88888888_______888888_______________8888_| |8____888888___888____________888_888______88888____888_| |8_____888888__888___________888___888_____88888____888_| |88____888888__888__________888_____888____88888____888_| |888888888888__888___88___88888_____88888__888______888_| |_8888888888___88888888__88888______888____888888888888<br />
    I don't have to hear otherwise from you ^.-
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