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  • Artist Info: well to start it out, my name is hanna nichole martin. my real name is johanna (its swedish), but i don't like it, so i choose to go by hanna. my life has been filled with hurt, mistakes, and utter stupidity. if yooh really get to know me, yooh will know that i'm not so bad. some of the people that i would've never made things through without are kat, vanessa, ashley, and victoria. each of these girls i would put my life on the line for. i can honestly say i couldn't live without them. i try to think of myself as talented. i dance, salsa and ballroom, i'm a national level. i also play instruments, french horn, mellophone, guitar, violen, chello, and piano. i like the think of the piano as my soul. everytime i write or play music, i put every ounce of creativity and skill into as possible. some of my favorite things are hello kitty, fox, motocross, painting, i love love love love video games!! don't try and think yooh can beat me, beacause i'll put yooh in your place ^^ i'm not intimidated by anyone, i think all people are equal, and women and men are of equal partnership. i am agnostic, and a proud one. don't try and change that about me. if yooh don't like me then go away. that is my moral. i am usually always in a good mood, but i have a very short temper, so don't make me mad. i hope everyone has enjoyed my extremely long biography (sorry about that), and if yooh would like to know anything else about me, pm me ^^ <br />
    <br />
    Until Later.....Forever Always, <br />
    Hanna<br />
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