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  • Artist Info: Hey guys! OKay to tell you the truth i'm not really in the mood to be all exclamation mark. so.. (lol). I'm Kandace or Nikole eithers fine with me. I am actually tying to leave this site but i'm addicted to comments on my poems.. lol thats why i stay . I am addicted to Mibba.com it is the best sight in the world bsides youtube. check it out and if you get on look up i'm his underdog which is me and say hi i talk to EVERYONE on there lol. i am a girl and i'm 14 woooo lol i say lol way to much but its a filler word never rly ... okay maybe i do laugh that much in rl life but whatever haha. i'm addicted to music i would die with out it it is my best friend in the whole wide world! my tops 5 bands are: jonas brothers (yes i know) son of dork , ftsk,(foever the sickest kids) atl ( all time low) and yellowcard. i'm a boring person on the internet or texting but in rl life i'm...well.. crazy lol. i luv to talk so PLEASE TALK TO ME! no one on here rly does so if u leave a comment i will comment back. I am in love with Nick jonas Oli sykes , and tom sykes they are so cute! lol well ... thats nt rly me but hey its part if me haha (:<br />
    <br />
    to end it hi nice to meet you (:
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