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  • Artist Info: Haii! (: Welcome to my profile!<br />
    The name would be Kelcey<br />
    Ive walked this earth for 14 years now<br />
    Birthday: Dec 31....feel free to get me gifts (:<br />
    Uhh...Im very nice if your nice in return....i dont bite<br />
    If your annoying, ill be annoying right back....see how that works?<br />
    * i do NOT donate! Nobody ever returns the favor!<br />
    * The people i love the MOST are the people who GIVE me stuff for free<br />
    Dont EVER make me mad, or ITS GOING DOWN!!!!<br />
    I'm willing to be friends with most anybody<br />
    I love free things!!<br />
    Hmm....If i like you, then we can be bestest friends!<br />
    I am slow at times....so uhhhmmm yea<br />
    Send me a PM at any time ((: I'll reply<br />
    Soo....if you want to know anything else, just ask (:
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