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  • Artist Info: Hi there, the name's Brooklyn. <br />
    If you wanna know about me here it is:<br />
    yum_pizza I'm a big eater and I will eat just about anything. yum_burger <br />
    I love to sew, check out my dA: http://iwiseone.deviantart.com/ I post daily and check it every day.<br />
    I love anime, Transformers, Silent Hill, Homestuck, Pokemon and Rping.<br />
    I'm currentlly obsessed with vocaloids, and my favorite is teto!User Image<br />
    My favorite colors are baby pink, black, yellow, red, mint green, all types of blues and dark purple!<br />
    I love anything in the horror or sci-fi genre!<br />
    I love talking to people so please don't be afraid to say hello!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Have an OC? Love to RP?<br />
    Why not join;<br />
    gaia_angelleft User Image gaia_angelright <br />
    A simple group for every kind of OC!<br />
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