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  • Artist Info: Heey, everybody!<br />
    My name's Lisa, and I'm 16 years old! XD<br />
    I have short bleached punk-like hair with dyed red streaks.<br />
    I wear a lot of makeup, I really don't know why... Peer pressure? Whatever screw that. I wear the real deal, in black. Black eyeliner, lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara and stuff!<br />
    I usually dress in black, with skulls and whatnot.<br />
    I have a funky personality, I usually act crazy, I like parties! XD<br />
    I'm bored with my life, nothing to do.<br />
    Oh, and I'll certainly take donations from any of those kind peeps!<br />
    Ok, I'm out.
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