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    I'm Nina, taken, yes. In California. 7th of March. 14, virgiN, thank you. (: I'm not your average person. Maybe I am. Well, idk. I'm pretty different. My family and I are all pacific islanders, and the asian-relationships must go on. I love them. (: I'm a total DORK. I love video games, online games, texting, and writing fiction novels <3. No, not just a regular dork. There's the violin I love so much, and then my prime-time anime. Then there's the fooooood. I♥cake&pie. (: I can't live without my cell-phone. I'll scoop out my heart right out of my chest if I don't get to talk to my Jose. There's one thing though. The second most thing I love love love is.. CUTE THINGS<3. D: I'll be emo if I can't find something to make me smile. If I don't smile, consider your day ruined because I'll just be an total jerk-off to you, too. <3 <br />
    Don't ruin my day. <br />
    I hate Winter, Summer, and Autumn. Why? Winter's to fu♥ing cold, Summer's to fu♥ing hot, and Autumn is.. .-. I don't know. It's a completely depressing season. No, I don't just hate things for no reason. Gosh, I'm not that heartless
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