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  • Artist Info: My real name is Deborah-Dora Greco. I am 19 turning 20 on May 19. My two favorite colors are red and blue. I love anime shows & manga. I listen to japanese songs like "Preserved Roses" by T.M. Revolution and Nana Mizuki, IDentity by Nami Takami & I can sing it too. I don't care of you guys think but japanese anime shows are the best! I also love to draw and write stories. ^_~<br />
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    I play Yu-Gi-Oh and other JRPG video games. I've been playing Pokémon for like more than one year and my very first Pokémon game was Pokémon Ruby. It was also the very first Pokémon game that I have completed back in the years of 2000s, so I am a Pokémon Champion in Ruby, Diamond, Platinum, and Pokémon Y. My favorite Pokémon Type is Dark mostly (like Mightyena). I also love Dark-Type combination like Fire and Water-Types. (Greninja and Houndoom are my two favorite Dark-Type combinations)<br />
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    My very first Tales of game was Tales of Symphonia when I was like twelve or thirteen-years old and boy, I honestly LOVE these kind of games! I am so hyped to the newest Tales game, Tales of Zestiria at the moment. ^^"
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