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  • Artist Info: I DONT USE THIS ACCOUNT ANYMORE !!!!!<br />
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    I love Roxy of Winx Club! Nice to meet you. My birthday is on 05/05/1991. I love all the varied Asian cultures and other cultures as well.<br />
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    Please don't ever speak rudely to me. I already have had bad experiences with some of the Gaians. Forgive me if I ever hurt your feelings.<br />
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    I am very bubbly in my nature but certainly well mannered(that's what I think, though I am not sure).So do you like me now?<br />
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    Well, I am the only child of my parents,& feel very lonely. So if you wish to be my friends, you are most welcome! But don't use dirty language!<br />
    4laugh blaugh 4laugh blaugh 4laugh blaugh 4laugh blaugh 4laugh blaugh
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