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    I'm a pretty normal person. I am shy normally when I'm not around my friends and once I get comfortable around people I'm pretty silly. I do a lot of silly things and I love to make people laugh and smile! I love to sing and dance no matter how silly it makes me look. I also love to draw! My friends tell me I'm very talented and fun, which makes me happy! I never like to disappoint people or be the reason for someone to be sad/unhappy and I try hard not to be. But this is all I can really tell you about myself! sweatdrop <br />
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    Name: Charity Mae Spencer<br />
    POB: Park Falls, Wisconsin<br />
    DOB: 12-4-91<br />
    Favorite color: Green<br />
    Favorite foods: Sushi, yakisoba, sweet and sour chicken, and nachos <br />
    Favorite Animal: Turtle<br />
    Main Interests: Anime, K-pop, drawing,dancing, singing, WoW<br />
    Favorite Singer: Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P./Tempo)<br />
    Favorite bands: Big Bang, 2NE1, 4 Minute, MBLAQ, Super Junior and Miss A
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