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  • Artist Info: okkay, er um.<br />
    I ish iiEmox<br />
    I love music, its my life<3 <br />
    Rock, Emo, Pop, Techno, Funk, Jazz, Screamo, Rap. Everything but Country (sorry fanns)<br />
    TheRedHotChiliPeppers Before OneHotMinute is amazing.<br />
    Quote "Every night when I fall asleep, you are the first thing in my dream"<br />
    I am a vegetarian, bi, obsessive ?!<br />
    Do you hate me ?! Get out if you do<br />
    Rawrr;; <br />
    Sorry I ish pretty wierd<br />
    If you really want to know more about me, pm me<br />
    http://www.xwisher.deviantart.com <br />
    check me out ?!<br />
    Iloveyou*<br />
    xxx<br />
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