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  • Artist Info: 1st RP name: Killa<br />
    Status:<br />
    RL- Videogame designer/Inventor<br />
    RP- A Judge (I challenge those to see if they are fit to walk their path.)<br />
    (Think FF12 plus Kingdom hearts) (In training for both my RL and RP profession)<br />
    *14 years strong in RPing.*<br />
    *15 years strong in videogame study.*<br />
    I have many, many interests, I like to dabble in a little bit of everything. I'd like for you to visit my website if you are interested! I worked very hard on it. razz <br />
    *Its still a work in progress and as you read this, its probably being worked on.*<br />
    http://www.tanking-gamer.com<br />
    Read my journal for more information. This profile is my official role playing profile now, if you want to get to know me, the person in real life, I'm sure you will find a way. This is dedicated to an original roleplaying character name "Killa" I made up a long time ago. So have fun, RP rules, and I love the anime show "Witchblade".
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