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  • Artist Info: Well hi there everyone.<br />
    This is the about me section, so I guess I should tell you guys about me. I was originally born in the United States of America, but my mom got a wicked new job, so we moved to Thailand. My grandmother was born in Thaliand, so it was like a blast in the past. She moved to America though so my dad was born an American. He met my mom and they got married and had me. Well enough about them. I am an only child, cool right. Not all the time, me with my up beat attitude I am usually left alone and can't do alot. My parents are always working, my mom and her new job are doing fine. My dad had to quit his old one and works here now. He works at a kind of dance network company. He teaches people how to dance and stuff like that for music videos. Sometimes he likes to bring me along, since I took ballet, pointe, jazz, classical, and all kinds of other dances when I was little. I still continue to dance, but it is more alternative / hip-hop dancing. I am in high school, an expensive one that is for sure. Unifmors, dorms, the whole sha-bang. I think it is kinda boring here, but my parents said it will get me a good career in the future enrolling in this school. Right now I am not thinking about my future, something in dance would be great though. I like to go out alot since it is lonely at home. Thailand is a fun place to be, even though it is not like the hottest spot in the world. Even in my first week here I was thought as weird, no one from America comes to Thailand unless they lived here before. I was like those science projects that everyone talks about, an experiment in this new world. I thought it was funny at first, but then people started to turn out rude. My grandmother taught me how to speak Thai when I was little, so I can speak here fine, English is also here so it is not too confusing. Outside of school I do have a job. Sort of a lame job, but it is ok. I work at a lame dance class. People who want to learn American dance come to me and I teach them. It was hard since everyone is so stiff here, but it was fun watching them. I teach more the little kids than people at my age or older. My dad still lets me come to work with him, since he has used me before in productions. Introducing me to Thai dancing was really hard though. I stumbled alot and was not treated well, who thought these people were nice!? After a while I got the hang of it, but was left out alot since I could not do alot of the dances. I met a couple of people afterwards though, some of these people have become my great friends. I now participate in more of the music coming from America to Thailand, since I know the moves and songs. I have been in alot of music videos, but not as the main person, I suck at singing. I think it is fun and a bonus is that it keeps me in shape. Well I don't know about anything else except stuff that is sorta basic.<br />
    <br />
    *Favorite color=Orange<br />
    *Favorite song=Hey Mama Say<br />
    *Favorite food=Bread (plain)<br />
    *Favorite snack=Fruit roll ups<br />
    *Favorite ice-cream=Mint Chocolate chip<br />
    *Favorite fruit=Banana<br />
    *Favorite vegetable=Don't have one<br />
    *Favorite dance style=Free style<br />
    *Favorite fashion=Tang top and jeans<br />
    *Favorite shoe=Sneakers<br />
    *Favorite chore=Don't have one<br />
    *Favorite animal=Iguana<br />
    *Favorite season=Autumn<br />
    *Favorite time of day=Sun rise<br />
    *Favorite movie=Stardust<br />
    *Favorite book=Don't read much<br />
    *Favorite weather=Sunny or cloudy<br />
    *Favorite class=Gemometry<br />
    *Favorite memory=When I was little my grandma gave me a locket. She tied it around my neck, but then it got stuck in her hair. No one could find scissors so we were tangled like that for two hours.
    <br />
    <br />
    Well pretty much that is the whole thing. Whatever I have told you is what I thought should be said. Anything else you can just ask me, I am not shy and you shouldn't be either. I like to write, even though I do not read alot. So don't be afraid to ask me anything or to invite me in anything else. That is pretty much it, nice writing to ya.
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