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  • Artist Info: I'm....Nazon,Nazo,Amazon which would you prefer?<br />
    I have a very strong sense of art.<br />
    What is right what is wrong,still gotta say it.<br />
    I'm a manic drawer because I draw everyday.<br />
    Honestly,to get your drawings better read comics and practice drawing everyday.<br />
    Do it and you'll get better,we'll see.<br />
    I'm very reserved so as far as you can get is the email and age.<br />
    Don't blame me if I don't talk to you cause you'd have to talk to me first.<br />
    I really stick to my principles and cause I really hate the fact of copying.<br />
    I think that copying is just one way to get famous however,that will not bring you far.<br />
    Personally that would mean stop copying and get your own or create your very own I mean you're bound to do would in your originals,no?<br />
    Age wouldn't matter as long as you're willing to strive for the better and endure.<br />
    Honestly,they say I'm too young to draw that good but I think otherwise and I'm still not telling you my age.<br />
    And...I'm a Asian,not all Asians are bad look on the bright side!<br />
    The well-cooked re-owned ramens!<br />
    Too bad I'm not Japanese wanted deeply to be,lol.<br />
    I speak Chinese and English,a bit of hokkien but that's just part of understanding not saying.<br />
    I'm super weird.<br />
    Sometimes I think of catching a lizard and stab it with toothpicks or pins a thousand times!<br />
    Everyone is different that's what that makes you special!<br />
    And even sometimes I get doubts that I can't draw well.
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