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  • Artist Info: My name is Kimiko. I am a dog demon.... well, HALF demon. I can't control myself if I change into my full demon form, but luckily I haven't for years. I don't know much of my early life, but i do know this........ I was born in the feudal era of Japan.When i was born, my mother died. My father had already passed long before my birth. So I was left in my brothers' care for most of my life. I learned that my brothers were only a half brothers, the oldest and I did not have the same mother. His mother was a demon like my father. My other brother had a different mother, but like mine, his mother was also human. <br />
    When I was 5 years old, I was separated from them, and I haven't seen them since. It's been so long that I have forgotten who they are, but I am determined to find them some day. <br />
    When I was about 10 years old, something amazing happened one day that would change me forever. I had just passed through a nearby village, when I entered a forest on the outskirts of the city. I came across a large tree in a clearing. A single arrow was stuck in the tree, a piece of red clothe pinned to it. "I wonder what happened." I thought to myself, but i cast the thought aside and continued walking. <br />
    I had just made it out of the forest. There was a large field, and near the border of the field and forest, there I saw an old well. " Great! I can sit down and rest for a while!" I sat down on the edge of the well, breathing in the cool spring air. When suddenly, I heard something rustling in the bushes nearby, even my excellent senses couldn't figure out what it was, so i figured it was just an animal or something. But I was wrong..... In a flash, a blur of white burst out of the bushes rushing straight at me at a great speed. It appeared to be a human, but I could not see his face, it was covered with a hood with a baboon head on it. "DIE KIMIKO!" the man said as he sped by, and before I could defend my self, the glint of a sword swept past me, cutting my left arm and badly injuring it. I lost my balance and fell over, into the well. <br />
    I thought I was going to die, but that was when the miracle happened. Instead of falling to my death, I somehow phased through the ground! I looked around, for a few seconds I was in a an area that was absolutely nothing, i floated there, then the ground reappeared and I slowly floated and landed softly on the ground. <br />
    "Ooook, what just happened?" I thought to myself. "And who was that man who attacked me?" i climbed out of the well and looked around. The land had completely changed. Tall buildings that did not look like that of our land adorned the area, loud sounds that I had never heard before filled my ears. strange looking metal boxes with wheels were speeding by on a road in the distance. "What is this place?" I wondered. I began to wonder around this strange looking village. The people where strange looking clothing here. I looked through the glass of one building and saw a little box with a little person inside of it talking. "This place is weird." I said to myself. <br />
    I continued watching the little person in the box. I then froze. I heard the little person say. "And welcome back to the Channel 5 News. And today is June 17, 2009." "2009?!" Worriedly thinking in my head. " I.... I've gone ahead almost 500 years!!!" I realized. I began to panic. I'm in a new time in a strange place, I'm hurt badly and I need to find help. So I staggered into the nearest building. My vision started to become blurry. But I saw a girl sitting on a chair at a table in the middle of the room. "H....H...Help." I managed to wimper before I collapsed. I fell unconscious. <br />
    I woke up several hours later to find the girl dressing my wounds. She looked about my age. She said her name is Delila. She was my hight and had dark, almost black hair, blue eyes, and she wore the strange clothes too. I thanked her for helping me. We got to talking, she asked why my eyes were yellow, and why i had a tail. (the tail part freaked her out a bit) and thats when I told that I'm a half demon. The girl was surprised at first, but she got used to me. We have been friends ever since. <br />
    I am 15 now, and i have learned a lot about the strange world. I have learned about their culture and technology. So now I try to blend in with the crowd, because apparently people in this world are scared of demons and will attack out of fear with deadly weapons more powerful than any weapon from my world. I live here now, amongst the people. Hiding in the shadows of the night. Leaping across th building tops to get where I need to be so no one will see me. I visit Delila everyday. We have fun together. <br />
    I haven't been back to the well since i came out of it. But we both decided we'll go back. I will find my brothers. With the help of my friend, and future ones to be, my family can finally be reunited.
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