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  • Artist Info: Hello ^^<br />
    I'm cookieyummy210, just updated my username know known as killer_of_love45.<br />
    Hi im a really cool shy girl i talk to most of my friend not alot<br />
    im really focusing on high school since its big deal now than middle school.<br />
    i got my best friend / sister on this game biggrin who helps me out<br />
    im really into music and all :] maybe one day not be shy to sing razz <br />
    im really wanna go to collage some day <br />
    my life is all about happyness and love and care<br />
    when i think about love i wonder if its all true i mean when they say your gonna meet ur true love someday i don't belive that but i know ill get somebody :]<br />
    so will everybody else biggrin heart sweatdrop whee well anyway if you wanna be my friend just add me and talk to me im a teenager im 15 also and spanish razz <br />
    don't be shy to talk to me or ask questions leave comment biggrin <br />
    okay pce out my people biggrin heart
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