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  • Artist Info: Hey im Luna i am a single mother of a five year old little girl.I enjoy making others laugh and to watch over and protect my friends and family. I am very shy and caring and a bit emo. Im like a mother hen and worry and care about others.I grew up raising cats sence i was young so im like a wolf raised by cats. For they were my family. I love Wolves and foxes they are my favorite animals. My life My dream is to protect wolves if it were not for them i would not be into anime. Okami is my favorite game and my Favorite Animes are Wolfs rain and wolf and spice I like to rp as wolf fox hybrid chars weather it to be wolf anthros , wolf girls, were wolves, or a wolf in general I love The Color Blue And I Love Butterflies.I like wearing ear hats and tails I think its fun and cute hehe. I hope someday to find a soul mate who will love me for me instead of hurting me. <br />
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