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  • Artist Info: Hey! I am not going to let out my name but I am twelve years old has red hair and green eyes (hint my avatar). My favorite color is green and I love to listen to music. I mostly listen to alternative rock and some heavy metal.My fav bands are Atreyu, Aiden, Panic at the Disco, A.F.I,The Mars Volta,Foo Fighters,Rush, Metallica, Iron Maiden,The Academy Is...,Cobra Starship,Journey, Paramore, Secondhand Serenade,There for Tomorrow,Metro Station,ACDC,Led Zeppelin,Disturbed, Cute is What we Aim For, Medic Droid, 3oh3,H.I.M., Coheed and Cambria, Kiss,Bullet For My Valentine, Breaking Benjamin, Devil's Wear Prada,Asking Alexandria ,Adema, All That Remains,As I Lay Dying and allot of others. I love to read my fav books to read are about horror and vampires. My favorite authors are Stephenie Meyer and Stephen King. I also love to dance. I have been dancing since I could walk and still loving it till this day. I have tons of friends and the all love my wild and crazy persona. I am a complete rocker. I hate everything pink, frilly ,puffy,and I hate skirts and dresses. I love dark colors and neons. My best friends are Lisa, Sarah,Caitlin Alina,and Ashley. My best guy friends are Matt, Jonathan, Brandon,and Justin.We have so much fun with each other. No matter what happens we are still friends. I hate people who are labelers and just think that the world is wrapped around theirs snobby ,bitchy ass, narcissistic fingers. If you say look at her shes a bitch I don't care that's not the worst you can do to me or say to me so fuck off. Last year i was such a prep and I am glad I got out of that stage it was so lame. But any way I am me and if you don't like if fuck off.<br />
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