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  • Artist Info: Hi <br />
    My name is Alpha Timber wolf!<br />
    I am 15 years old!<br />
    My favorite bands are nine inch nails, red hot chili peppers, gogol bordello, and Finger Eleven.<br />
    The kind of music I hate old lady music.<br />
    I am learning how to play the drums and I will start learn how to play the gutar. <br />
    My favorite movie is Holes. <br />
    My favorite is navy blue.<br />
    Some of my farvorite tv shows are Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters!<br />
    I also love to read Holes, but my teachers say I can't read it any more so oh well. I pretty much hate to read.<br />
    I love to swim, play soccer, basket ball, and draw. <br />
    A lot of time I miss spell things and get a lot of a grammer things wrong. So just ask me what this means or something and I will tell you.
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