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  • Artist Info: Hi to whoever would/is reading this I think I'm supposed to tell u about me. uh... I like anime and manga. I like corn beef a lot! (to all corn beef lovers I think its awsome)!!! I like all canine like creatures and canines in general. The backround is of T-chan best character in manga ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!(but thats my opinion.) I like pandas too because they look fluffy. I like all types of music (but mostly its anime so its in japanesse) I play flute, violen, piano and vocal. And.....Uh...... Ummmmmm.......... Oh my favorite subjec in school is English/ Chorus (I either want to be a writer or singer when I'm older) Okay I think thats enough. bye and if u did read this ty and srry it was long and a bunch of junk but u chose to read this so live with it. * inhale;exhale;inhale* okay bye bye!<br />
    :3 *meow*
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