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  • Artist Info: well im 15, a christian,i gotta amazing bf who i love my rents are amazing and cool sometime over protective but they love me which is all i care about. Im a republican. MUSIC IS MY LIFE i have a ipod with eveything from christian music to hard rock to heavy metal to some jazz. country is not my favorite but its ok depending on the artist. im willing to be everyones friend but not willing to be backstabbed. my life has been a hard one but seems to me that without the trials no one can grow so i cant complain smile . oh also i want to major in marine biology. my passion is the ocean and i absolutely luv marine life. when i get the chance to be by the ocean i am in heaven lol. well anyway ill update more as i think of it feel free to ask any questions or just hang with me im more than willing to!!! smile razz smile <br />
    oh yea btw my birtday is 3/11 not 3/10 lol i think i clicked the wrong day OOPS!!
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