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  • Artist Info: hI! my name is Yun Gin Lee (Alfred or Al is my american name). I enjoy solving quadratic equations, reading the dictionary and classifying various plants by their genus and species name. Your probably wondering why my avatar is a girl, well its because while i was making this account a long time i choose the girl instead of the guy. You see, i couldnt really tell a difference because i've never seen a girl up close. I go to an all boys private school for the gifted so theres no girls there. I am going on 14 years old in April.<br />
    <br />
    My apperance is pretty conservative, i have black square glasses, im very skinny, i have a bit of an acne problem but ive been told that it will go away in time if i wash. My parents buy my clothes at Sears, but my most favorite cothing item is the reindeer sweater my dad made me for christmas.<br />
    <br />
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