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    A New Friend redface <br />
    <br />
    My name is Macie.<br />
    <br />
    There's not much to say about me. Overall, I'm a pretty avarage person.
    <br />
    <br />
    Here I go.<br />
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    <br />
    My anme is Macie Michelle C.<br />
    I have brown hair.<br />
    I also have brown eyes.<br />
    I wish I had blue eyes.<br />
    I am 5 feet and 4 inches tall.<br />
    I know, I know. I'm SHORT. <br />
    I'm probably done growing. <br />
    I wish I didn't have to type all this.<br />
    My life consists of constant health problems.<br />
    I have diabetes because of my mom.<br />
    Thanks mom.<br />
    Thanks family for my poor eye sight.<br />
    My eyesight is -8.25.<br />
    Thanks again family.<br />
    I have 5 people in my household family.<br />
    My mom- 34<br />
    My dad- 38<br />
    My older brother- 18<br />
    My younger sister- 12<br />
    All of which love to piss me off on a daily basis.<br />
    I am the middle child being only 15.<br />
    I will be 16 on December 26th.<br />
    I love having my birthday the day after Christmas.<br />
    That was sarcasm if you didn't catch it.<br />
    Not much money my parents have not.<br />
    Haha.<br />
    Yoda.<br />
    Anyways.<br />
    I have great friends.<br />
    But only on gaia.<br />
    I'm a bitch in real life.<br />
    Just kidding.<br />
    I have NO enemies at all, because I'm a nice person.<br />
    I really am a good person.<br />
    Honest.<br />
    I am the best friend you could ever ask for.<br />
    Unless you fart shamelessly all the time.<br />
    I HATE THAT.<br />
    It's okay to fluff and than giggle, but come on!<br />
    If your in a meeting, don't let it rip<br />
    I'd rather rip my trachea out and eat it.<br />
    Brutal thoughts.<br />
    I am made of them.<br />
    They follow me around like a puppy.<br />
    Oh and speaking of which.<br />
    I love animals. <br />
    All kinds.<br />
    From cows to terantulas.<br />
    I love them ALL.<br />
    God I must sound boring..<br />
    M<br />
    U<br />
    S<br />
    T<br />
    Y<br />
    You ain't used no soft and dry,<br />
    You musty.<br />
    What, what?<br />
    You musty.<br />
    lmao.<br />
    Band rymnes.<br />
    You'll find out that I sing them a whole bunch.<br />
    I'm IN band.<br />
    Yeah, a real deal nerd.<br />
    Go on, touch me.<br />
    Just kidding.<br />
    Touch me and I blow your brains out.<br />
    Haha.<br />
    I'm a flute player.<br />
    I also play Saxaphone, Guitar, and Electric and regular Violin.<br />
    No, I'm not a musical prodigy.<br />
    Wish I was.<br />
    ALWAYS.<br />
    *brags*<br />
    *brags more*<br />
    *br-*.... *gets shot*<br />
    ...<br />
    BTW,<br />
    I've been hurt too much.<br />
    My heart hurts.<br />
    Leave me the fuck alone.<br />
    <br />
    Who said that?
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