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  • Artist Info: Words so long ago... spoken on the edge of sanity... "Who am I?"... after the end, "How does one move on from the end?", in this nothing I have always been, forced to see the world as it has always been, creation lost, creation forsaken.... With out him I am this nothing... In his eyes I am everything... He is my beginning, my end, my only... He makes me his Eternal, he is my only, my love, my one beginning, my end forever. I am his wife, his queen, his one and only <br />
    Night Eternal...<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Night-time sharpens,<br />
    heightens each sensation<br />
    Darkness stirs and wakes imagination<br />
    Silently the senses abandon their defences ...<br />
    Slowly, gently Night unfurls its splendour<br />
    Grasp it, sense it - tremulous and tender<br />
    Turn your face away<br />
    from the garish light of day,<br />
    turn your thoughts away<br />
    from cold, unfeeling light -<br />
    and listen to the music of the night ...<br />
    Close your eyes and surrender to your<br />
    darkest dreams!<br />
    Purge your thoughts of the life<br />
    you knew before!<br />
    Close your eyes,<br />
    let your spirit start to soar!<br />
    And you'll live<br />
    as you've never lived before ...<br />
    Softly, deftly,<br />
    music shall surround you ...<br />
    Feel it, hear it,<br />
    closing in around you ...<br />
    Open up your mind,<br />
    let your fantasies unwind,<br />
    in this Darkness which<br />
    you know you cannot fight -<br />
    the darkness of the music of the night ...<br />
    Let your mind start a journey<br />
    through a strange new world!<br />
    Leave all thoughts<br />
    of the world you knew before!<br />
    Let your soul take you where you<br />
    long to be!<br />
    Only then can you belong to me ...<br />
    Floating, falling, sweet intoxication!<br />
    Touch me, trust me savour each sensation!<br />
    Let the dream begin,<br />
    let your darker side give in<br />
    to the power of the music that I write -<br />
    the power of the music of the Night ...<br />
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