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  • Artist Info: I) My username is sapphirestar_twi88 but my real name is Lisa. I'm 21 years old, have a sister and mother both on Gaia, and my birthday is Jan. 3.<br />
    II) I like writing stories and poetry. Also, listening to music with strong or hidden messages that I can apply to life. I love to work with themes and symbolism. I willing to admit that I'm a dreamer, down to earth person, and dangerous at time. Yet, I'm a friend to trust when you get to know me on different levels. I draw also. Overall, I work from inspiration and muses of the real and book world.<br />
    III) I take on many roles such as scholar, observer, bit of a romantic, and really love fantasy and science fiction. I weird sense of humor but mostly thinking logical and opposite of it while being creative in viewing the world. I'm a bit of explorer and overall, a tomboy who loves her jewelry but not into looking entirely feminine at times.<br />
    IV) I draw the best I can what comes to mind and recycle.
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