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  • Artist Info: Hey everyone, it Jerica! i know i have a new account due to techincal (how ever that is spelled) problems! well i have a long life story but i won't say it all! I have a good boyfriend a good family even though sometimes it doesn't feel like it and GREAT FRIENDS!!!!! I have a a big family; 7 sisters and 4 brothers and i have a friend that is like family and he is the best; Carlos and he has a great girlfriend for him too; Alyssa your great to him! and my sister allie has a gaia and its heart_breaker2525! and if any one messes with any of my friends or my family they are going to feel pain sorry but i don't deal with crap! and i have an amazing boyfriend and if you mess with him you will get hurt! i love you! and yeah! so that's about it. just give me a p.m or comment and i will be happy to be friends with you so don't worry about it!<br />
    hey name is jerica. im awesome because i got family every where. my favorite places are italy and ireland. i love to travel. my friends are my family. ive tried to run away twice once on christmas and another last year because of my parents. all i ever do any more is text, call, on the computer, drive, and quad. thats how i broke my arm on 9/11 but not in 2001 actually in '05. i love to joke but some times i get bored of that. ive been in about 5 fights since ive been in jr. high like recently i got mad because this kid pulled my hair, called me stupid, and put his hand on my face and my dad said that i should put him in the hospital well i coulda but i didnt. i love going to school but there should be no work it should only be to see friends but i need it so i can go to college to go into forensics if you dont know what that is its csi stuff. while im talking about college im going for eight years yeah i know im crazy but thats my plan. but if my dad dies im going to become a flight attendant because thats what he wants me to be. my dad is like my best friend so when he dies i get to do every thing and i get his truck its a CHEVY! so yeah thats about it.<br />
    beautiful<br />
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    for you tigeris<br />
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    smile Allie and I<br />
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    Loves yous!!!!<br />
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    boinca will shoot if you mess with her<br />
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    she is so pretty
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