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  • Artist Info: Mule=Komander Kyle<br />
    User Image<br />
    User Image<br />
    YAY<br />
    You're On My Page <br />
    Hmm Now I'm Wondering If Your Stalking Me stare <br />
    Either Way..Your Here So Why Not Read a Bit About Me?<br />
    Well I'm 15<br />
    I Enjoy Kicking It With The Coolest Kids In The World<br />
    I Prefer Pepsi Over Coke <br />
    But Please Don't Kill Me For That...<br />
    Get To Know me You'll The Realize That I'm Just Your Everyday Teenage Dork And Some :]<br />
    That's Right i Said It.<br />
    Ima All That & Bag Of Chips[corny/] <br />
    I Like All Types Of Music <br />
    Sometimes I Look In My iTunes Library And I'm Like WTF? xD<br />
    Want To Know More?<br />
    Drop Me a Comment And Find Out ^__^<br />
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