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  • Artist Info: my name is mikayla smile my stage name is "allie apathetic" but mikaylas my real name smile <br />
    im 15 currently in highschool.. im mixed with a hazel green eyes .lol. i love having fun so dont be an ass around me also i am bisexual but i only date few females who are actually attractive --> i love eating ice cream and cookies <well actually all sweets but shhh> lol im 5'8 soo yea im pretty tall for my age. i guess you could say i look like im 18 alot of people do tell me that but its only because i have a very devloped body. my favorite color is purple and i do rave like no other my rave name is CREATION (it used to be ninetails but got renamed sad im no fake so please get it straight im not interested in the poser ravers who think they rave but dont really. i only do exstacy when im at a rave and thats it well drinking is another thing i only drink when im a party lol but who doesnt?!?!. i do believe in GOD and if you dont cool. SCENE QUEEN?idk people think i can be th next sene queen but i honestly think i look like every other raver out there exotic lol people do think i should do professional photography but idk my cameras my life no im not fake ok these pictures really are me yes i really toook them of myself ok lol so stop asking stupid questions people bothered me into putting pictures of myself up . razz ohhhh and another thing im very straight to the point when i talk im very real with who i am and how i feel so if i dont like you im going to say it to your face nine times out of ten.i enjoy whatching scary movies and ohhh im affraid of clowns sooo uhmm if there was ever an attck on the world and the attackers were killer clowns i would trip your ass and leave you in a heartbeat!!!! smile i do have a cell phone but i dont give out my number unless were close sorry!! lol sooo neways if you have nemore questions just message me smile i love random pms hahahah i do have a gaian mom and dad and sister but im always looking for more family so you can add me and be a nother sister or brother smile im always open biggrin anyways if you would like to add me you should because i love new people to talk to and hang out with biggrin also as you can tell i do love shugo chara and for that matter i like whatching alot of anime and manga and reading them too and i dont consider it lame at all!!! i love ikuto hes my favorite anime character out of all anime for so many reasons.... and no im not one of those people who feel they are going to grow up and marry an anime person lol im not interested in paper and markers and colored pencils smile neways NYA......btw i have been almost eaten by a wolf on gaia sad which is cruel so please do me a favor and dont try to eat me because im smaller than you okkk?? smile thank you ..... lol anyways i dont like stalkers its unhealthy >.< im always open to hugs even from strangers ive fucked up alot through my life but havent we all??? you can say im pretty you can say im ugly it doesnt at effect me it doesnt boost nor drop my self esteem honestly i think im pretty just the way i am and i dont give a you know what about whatelse everyone else thinks anyways im getting bored and if you have any other questions off course just ask k dont be afriad to message or add mee >.<
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