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  • Artist Info: i am 17<br />
    female<br />
    i live in the south...(u.s.a)<br />
    i love football, and hockey<br />
    i am a published writer<br />
    i realy enjoy reading, writting, chilln with my boys<br />
    mostly i am one of the guys...or i get treated that way, <br />
    im not that girl whos to pretty to get dirty<br />
    i am very outspoken...a social flutterby<br />
    and i love to meet new people!!!!<br />
    raves randomness, i have no favorit color though i love purple,<br />
    i listen to all music, play all video games<br />
    i believe in carma and three fold, <br />
    with kindness and purity you shall not grow old<br />
    maybe in body but not in mind<br />
    your soul will prosper till the end of time!!<br />
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