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  • Artist Info: This is me when it comes to HW~~~ YAYAY BOOOOHHHH<br />
    <br />
    Now, time to work on hw emotion_donotwant <br />
    I really dont want to though<br />
    This has been my night so far<br />
    stare starts at hw.... 'Disappear, go away, be finished!'<br />
    crying Nothing... Wait! whee Idea!<br />
    emotion_facepalm If i do this, it will go away! *waits a while... moves hands<br />
    emotion_0A0 its still there! gonk <br />
    Oh I know! I'll eat it! emotion_omnomnom emotion_puke Hw doesn't tast good!<br />
    stare Hmmmmm... Oh! i know! *Grabs hw and sets it ablaze*<br />
    emotion_kirakira OOoooo look at it burn<br />
    burning_eyes ITs Still there! scream <br />
    Alright I've had enough!<br />
    *Grabs school bag* Time to get cracking<br />
    ......... ~five minutes later~ emotion_zzz
    <br />
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